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Are big companies taking over the solar-energy industry?

There seems to be a shift in the solar energy industry. Just a few years ago, the solar-energy industry was made up of many small companies. Now, it appears that the top 6 solar installation companies are dominating the field more than before. In 2012, the top 6 companies had 31% of the market share. But in 2013, the 6 companies made up 46% of the market, a 15% increase.

This is not automatically bad news for small companies. The industry is growing as a whole, which is good news for everyone. The big companies are not deterring growth for smaller companies. The residential PV market grew 60% from 2012 to 2013. Small companies grew 25% collectively.

Small companies can use effective strategic analysis and action to gain more customers. These strategies include new financial payment models, retail partnerships, and creative advertising.



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