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Children: Our Future

Teaching children about solar power is exciting when you have a big trailer with wheels and solar panels attached to it. In May 2013, the Eco Solar team brought the PowerCube, a solar-powered generator, to the Academy of Global Citizenship (AGC), a charter school in Chicago. The school’s mission is, “to empower all students to positively impact the community and world beyond.” AGC has an innovative and holistic approach towards education where the children learn about environmental sustainability, wellness education and global engagement.

The team went there to teach students about solar power and renewable energy, but the students ended up providing a valuable lesson to us in the end. We were surprised by all the information these third graders knew about geothermal, wind, hydro, biomass and solar. The Academy of Global Citizenship is educating a generation of children that are learning about energy and the environment with innovative methods.

The PowerCube made it easy for us to connect with the students. We setup the unit to power a fan, which demonstrated how energy from the sun is harnessed and used. We also discussed renewable energy systems and received some insightful questions regarding how our generator works. It was enlightening and inspiring to be around such intelligent and forward-thinking youngsters.

Everyone at Eco Solar realizes that children are very intuitive when it comes to understanding solar power. Children understand that the sun is a major energy source, giving off light and heat every day. One student even drew a picture of the PowerCube with a huge sun over it… take a look for your self. After the discussion the students got a chance to touch the solar panels and investigate the battery system and inverter inside. It was a great day for everyone involved, just ask our guy Richard:

“You are the next doctors, lawyers and politicians of America… with you leading the way, our future is bright.”

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