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Eco Solar Powers The Bellwether Market and Renegade Craft Fair

Bellwether Market took place on June 8-9 near The Hideout at 1354 W. Wabansia in Chicago and combined food, farm, vintage, collectors, crafters and artists into a fantastic local festival. The PowerCube – our silent, renewable generator – provided power for the primary music stage. Just as we’ve seen with other events, both the artists that used the stage and vendors around us loved the concept of using solar power at the festival. Many of them would like to see us at more events and will ask for clean power in the future now that they know it is a possibility.

A related and upcoming event for the PowerCube will be the 11 on September 7-8 along Division St. in Wicker Park. This festival will feature a collection of today’s best and brightest indie marketers and will now have a green-power edge with the PowerCube. We are very excited to be a part of this, hope to see you there! Check out last year’s poster, we’ll give an update as we get closer to the festival date: the Annual Renegade Craft Fair

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