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POWERCUBE – Mobile Solar-Power Generator

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Picture replacing a noisy diesel generator with a quiet, pollution-free alternative…the PowerCube combines Solar PV and battery technology to generate on-the-spot power for disaster relief, outdoor events or anywhere you need power. This generator does not require any fuel as a power source and has a backup diesel generator for extra redundancy. The battery bank comes fully charged and provides clean power, even in the shade or indoors! Contact us today for pricing on rentals/purchases or to inquire about building a custom order to your specifications.


  • 24-hour on-demand power; grid-interactive, but not dependent on grid
  • Reliability for indefinite time periods with minimum maintenance and oversight
  • Power Capacity: 30 continuous amps for 8 hours per day with a peak of 60 amps
  • 12000 W of audio and 3000 W of lighting for a duration of 3 days, 12 hours per day
  • Prototype: 1.8 kW; custom models can be built as large as 20 kW
  • Battery Capacity: 20kWh, premium AGM batteries that are DOT approved
  • Size: 6×10 ft. trailer, 10×14 ft. with panels opened
  • Pure sine-wave inverters deliver more consistent power than diesel generators

PowerCube Recent Events:

The PowerCube was deployed in November of 2013 to provide power for Washington, IL after the Tornado that hit the area. We were proud to help out the people in the community and the Illinois FEMA office.

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