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In addition to ongoing residential and commercial projects, Eco Solar is an authorized installer for the Kankakee Power Pack, which provides homeowners in Kankakee, McHenry, Lee and McLean counties in Illinois a lower-cost for solar installations. We use panels and inverters from local companies and installations are completed by trained, certified solar installers. The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) will educate potential consumers about the benefits of solar energy and works with financial institutions for financing options. For more information click here.

Claudia Dunne, 10 kW

The system sits on a farm. It’s a 10kW ground mounted system, located 275’ away from the home. Due to a high water table and low pressure dirt, the ground mounted system required extensive concrete footings. The 275’ underground connection was achieved using horizontal directional boring, allowing us to navigate through the large garden and many trees leaving everything untouched. There is a total of 44 SolarWorld 240 Watt panels with one central inverter by Fronius. This system provides the homeowner with approximately 50% of their annual kWh usage. When taking into account additional SREC income, this system will displace 100% of the annual electrical usage. This system has also been certified by SolarWorld, which then covers the entire system.

VLV Development/VGI Energy, 11.5 kW

This system has been installed on top of a multi‐ residential building that is 3 stories tall. There was already an existing 5kW system, onto which we added 47 Kyocera 245 Watt panels with Enphase M215 micro‐inverters. The previous system used a central inverter by SMA. This was the first in 6 installations in a portfolio we were contracted for VLV Development.

Richard V Cogan, 1.5 kW

This system was installed on a single family ranch. A total of 6 Helios 6T250 panels with Enphase M215 micro‐inverters. This particular homeowner owns a Tesla S sedan, and this system will provide enough kWh for about 12,000 miles annually.

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