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Turnkey Renewable Energy Solutions

Our main goal is design and build solar PV and to help our customers take advantage of local, state and federal grants and incentives to create the most cost-effective project. Our project managers have experience building 125+ PV installations and know how to work with every situation. Let us help you figure out if PV makes financial sense for your location.

Don’t have the roof space? Let us design a solar awning to help you meet your energy goals. Trees in the way? We can also design a pole or ground-mounted system that give you the same benefits as traditional rooftop solar.

Eco Solar also can provide off-grid PV solutions with a battery backup system that will keep your electricity running when the power company can’t deliver.

Need a lighting retrofit? We can help you switch out those old bulbs with top-of-the-line LED’s that will last for years.

If you’re looking to heat a swimming pool, geothermal or solar thermal may be your best option…let’s work together to find the best renewable option.

Vendors, Partners and Subcontractors

SolarWorld is a German company that was founded in 1988 and went public as SolarWorld AG in 1999. The company is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of PV products worldwide by integrating all components of the solar value chain and controls the development of solar power technologies at all levels in-house. The company’s US headquarters are located in Hillsboro, Oregon; the Sales and Marketing group is located in Camarillo, California. Eco Solar is a certified SolarWorld PV installer and has the guidance and cooperation of SolarWorld’s experienced network to develop larger-scale PV projects.

Fronius USA LLC is recognized as a leader in the field of welding technology and high-end solar PV electronics. The US headquarters is based in Portage, Indiana and provides high-quality inverters for Eco Solar projects.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is a regional non-profit group that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable living through education and demonstration. The group also administrates the Kankakee Power Pack that helps residents of nearby counties streamline the PV assessment and installation process. The group is also responsible for the annual Energy Fair each June in Custer, Wisconsin.

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