Eco Solar is your local solar panel installation company in Aurora, IL. We love what we do, and pride ourselves for providing our clients with great service and quality products.

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Top Solar Panel Installation Company in Aurora, IL

Eco Solar is a locally owned and operated top solar installation provider in Aurora, and the state of Illinois as a whole. Our expertise in solar energy is designing and installing custom solar power systems that capitalize on the sunny weather of Illinois.

We have been working on diverse solar installation projects in Aurora, Illinois since our inception in 2009. For over a decade, Eco Solar has been an integral part of Illinois’ focus on producing clean and renewable energy sources. As one of the oldest and most reliable solar installation providers in the state, we would love the chance to turn your solar project into reality. Take a step forward towards sustainable and cost-effective energy independence today!


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What we do

Types of Solar Installations in Aurora, IL

If you have a residential house, commercial, or non-profit establishment, installing a solar system can get you clean and inexpensive energy solutions for 20-25 years. Besides getting you a long-term return on investment by saving electricity bills, the solar system is likely to increase the value of your property.


Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Rooftops of your commercial property can be ideal for installing solar panels, which will fall into the category of commercial or industrial installations. Commercial solar equipment can supply clean energy to factories, small/large business units, and others. Solar installations can be an excellent source of consistent and sustainable energy solutions and cost savings for organizations.

Residential Solar

Residential Solar

As a residential property owner in Chicago, Illinois, you can get a range of long-term benefits from solar panel installation. Typically, residential installations comprise rooftop or ground-mounted systems and supply solar energy to one property. Installing solar equipment will substantially reduce your electricity bills, increase your property value, and lower carbon footprints.



In recent years, non-profit organizations have started exploring solar options as a long-term and affordable energy solution. As the name suggests, non-profit establishments work for the welfare of society, and they do not usually have big budgets. This is why solar energy provides a cost-effective energy solution for them. If you run a non-profit organization, and looking for a cleaner and carbon-free solution for electricity, installing solar panels will be perfect for you.



At Eco Solar, we ensure that you save money in the long-term through the installation of efficient photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, inverters, etc. Installing solar energy will increase the valuation of your home in case you decide to move. As a leading PV designer and installer in Aurora, we can design custom solar systems for your home.


You will keep saving money over time that you can use for other things that are important to you.


We serve our state communities with pride and our PV parts are locally shipped which also reduces emissions.


Your house will be powered by solar panels in no time once the installation begins.


We’ve been installing solar panels since 2009 and take pride in providing quality service..


The cost of solar panels are continuously lowering over time and we can help recommend financing options.


You will be contributing to a cleaner environment in your community.

Why Go Solar in Aurora?

If you are thinking to go solar, there is no better time than now! The cost of solar system installation has dropped by more than 70 percent in the last 10 years, allowing residential and commercial property owners to start saving energy bills right away.

As the data of EnergySage suggests, the average gross price of the solar system in Aurora, IL is around $15,850. After considering the 26 percent Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and another state/local solar incentive, your net payable price for solar can reduce by thousands of dollars.

Why should you opt for solar for your property in Aurora, Illinois? Here are a few key reasons:

  • Installing a solar energy system on your property will allow you to get electricity whenever the sun sets. A grid-tied solar system will let you use the power as much as you need, and transmits the extra power back to the electric grid through net metering. Your property can use that extra power whenever required or sell it to the power company.
  • You can put an end to your dependence on unpredictable power sources. You can become energy-independent by producing electricity on your property.
  • As the local electricity keeps increasing, your home solar energy system will provide you clean and affordable energy for many years.
  • Installing a solar system will increase the resale value of your property significantly, in case you decide to move.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprints and pollution that generally happen due to using coal, oil, nuclear, etc.

The number of residential property owners, who are installing solar systems has doubled up during the past five years. Installing one solar panel on your rooftop can save you over $2,500 during its guaranteed lifecycle. At Eco Solar, we can custom design your solar system based on your energy needs and budget.

Overview of Aurora and its Neighborhood Areas

Aurora is a relatively large city in the state of Illinois with a population of nearly 199,602. With 36 constituents in its surrounding areas, Aurora is the second-largest community in the state. Some of the neighborhood areas are Eola, Normantown Road, Mccoy Drive, Frontenac, Old Molitor, E New York St, Marywood, etc.

Aurora has a mixed workforce comprising both white- and blue-collar jobs. Overall, the city predominantly has salespeople, office workers, service providers, and other professionals. When it comes to solar energy, with funding from the US Department of Energy and the local government, Aurora has been witnessing rapid growth in solar energy adoption. Here it is easier for residential and commercial property owners to go solar.

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As an authorized SolarWorld installer, we use high-quality PV components shipped locally and always provide a fast project turnaround time. We love what we do and pride ourselves in providing our clients with great service and quality products.


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We are a turnkey Aurora-area solar PV designer and installer. Founded in 2009, Eco Solar strives to provide our customers with cost-effective, clean energy solutions. Solar PV has never been more affordable, and reliable. Let us walk you through the grant and incentive process so you can make an informed decision.


FAQs About Solar Energy in Aurora, IL

Here are some of the most common related questions and the answers to them!

Yes. Aurora, Illinois has a thriving solar energy market with the cost of installation has been getting lower over the past five years. In February 2018, Aurora received the “Gold-level” designation award under the local solar energy program. If you are thinking to go solar, Aurora is an ideal place for that.

According to EnergySage, the current average cost of solar panels in Aurora, Illinois is $3.17/W. If we assume that the solar system is 5 kW in size, the average installation cost of a solar system in Aurora, IL will be between $13,472 and $18,228.

  • It is not essential to install a battery system with your solar system. There are indeed advantages in having a solar battery backup in certain circumstances, but it is not necessary for everyone. A battery backup might be useful for people who live in areas with an unreliable power grid or live in an area where natural disasters occur quite often.

There are several incentives/tax rebates available to reduce the cost of installing a solar system in Aurora, IL. Federal ITC (tax credit) is 26 percent in 2020 (will reduce to 22 percent in 2021). There is no state tax credit available right now. Net metering varies based on utility.

There are different factors to consider while determining the timeframe of installing a solar system in Aurora, IL. The major factors the skill/experience of your solar installation provider, type or size of the solar system, time taken to get the local permit, feature of the property, and the procedure of the local utility company. Overall, the expected average time to install a solar system from signing an agreement to generating power from your solar system is around three months.

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