Eco Solar is your local solar panel installation company in Rockford, IL. We love what we do, and pride ourselves for providing our clients with great service and quality products.

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Top Solar Panel Installation Company in Rockford, IL

As a leading solar panel installation in Illinois, Eco Solar Solutions also offers solar panel installation and other solar energy solutions in Rockford. We extend our solar services in Rockford so residents will get a chance to enjoy the long-term perks of solar panel systems. We provide high-quality rooftop solar panels, installation services, and other solar energy solutions for different properties such as residential, commercial buildings, non-profit organization buildings, and other facilities. With our solar company, we can help you save your money from monthly electrical bills while getting a sustainable and clean energy source.

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What we do

Types of Solar Installations in Rockford, IL

Eco Solar Solutions offer a wide range of solar panel installations in Rockford, from residential, commercial, non-profit to other solar energy solutions. We also ensure that our customers will get the best PV solar systems and other solar energy services in the city.


Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Besides your residential property, installing a solar panel system in your commercial buildings is also a good idea. Solar power will not limit your business power consumption by getting the right size of solar panel systems and battery systems. We can also provide you with custom commercial solar equipment to generate enough energy for your entire office. With Eco Solar Solutions’ commercial solar installation, you will significantly grow your business while getting a cost-saving and sustainable energy source.

Residential Solar

Residential Solar

As a residential owner switching to solar in Joliet is indeed a good investment with long-term benefits. When you install a solar panel for your residential property, you will get the chance to experience all the perks of solar energy. Besides getting abundant and sustainable solar energy to power your home, you will also save money by cutting off your monthly electrical bill. A solar panel system can also increase your residential property’s value just in case you will sell it in the future.



Non-profit organizations are also installing a solar panel system to get carbon-free energy solutions for the increasing cost of utility bills. Since non-profit organizations don’t have a big budget to pay high monthly electric bills, switching to solar is the right option. Apart from saving money, they can also get several solar benefits which they can’t get from utility sources.



At Eco Solar, we ensure that you save money in the long-term through the installation of efficient photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, inverters, etc. Installing solar energy will increase the valuation of your home in case you decide to move. As a leading PV designer and installer in Rockford, we can design custom solar systems for your home.


You will keep saving money over time that you can use for other things that are important to you.


We serve our state communities with pride and our PV parts are locally shipped which also reduces emissions.


Your house will be powered by solar panels in no time once the installation begins.


We’ve been installing solar panels since 2009 and take pride in providing quality service..


The cost of solar panels are continuously lowering over time and we can help recommend financing options.


You will be contributing to a cleaner environment in your community.

Why Go Solar in Rockford, Illinois?

Considering the solar incentives and rebates being offered in Rockford, going solar in this city is all worth your time, money, and effort. Besides, solar is 3.6% less cost-effective than in other cities. If you are a homeowner in Rockford and get a 5kW size of the solar panel system, you will surely reimburse your solar investment in around 15 years, four months. Then enjoy long-term savings after that.

Overview of Rockford and its Surrounding Areas

Rockford is the largest city in Illinois outside of the Chicago metropolitan area and is the third-largest city in the state. It is also the 171st most populous city in the United States. It is known as the city of Gardens and rivers, and a wonderful place to spend your life. Its neighboring areas include Harrison Avenue Gardens, Winnebago Court, Edgewater, Green View Heights, Downtown, Valley View, etc.

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As an authorized SolarWorld installer, we use high-quality PV components shipped locally and always provide a fast project turnaround time. We love what we do and pride ourselves in providing our clients with great service and quality products.


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We are a turnkey Rockford-area solar PV designer and installer. Founded in 2009, Eco Solar strives to provide our customers with cost-effective, clean energy solutions. Solar PV has never been more affordable, and reliable. Let us walk you through the grant and incentive process so you can make an informed decision.


FAQs About Solar Energy in Rockford, IL

Here are some of the most common related questions and the answers to them!

Assuming that you have a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), the average cost of solar installation you’ll pay in Rockford will cost from $12,750 to $17,250.

Federal tax credits, renewable energy credits (RECs), and other solar incentives in Rockford can pay up to 75% of your solar system installation cost.

If you don’t have cash on hand, you can purchase a solar power system using several Rockford financing options. They have a power purchase agreement, which allows you to pay the system over a 20 or 25-year contract. There is a PACE financing option also that lets you pay for a solar system via property tax. They also offer an operating lease that has a shorter term than other financing options that offer 7 or 10 years.

For a residential solar panel installation in Rockford with a 5kW system size that costs around $14,665 (after using the federal tax credit), you will earn back your initial investment after 15 years and four months.

Rockford, Illinois residents usually generate the most solar power via rooftop solar panels in July with about 5.68 kilowatts per meter per day.

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