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Top Smart Home Installers in Illinois

top smart home installers illinois

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You’ve already done the research into the cost of installing a smart home in Illinois, and now you’re ready to actually pull the trigger. So, what comes next? Well, that’s actually pretty simple, even if the process is a little challenging. Now you have to find the right smart home installer. But don’t let it overwhelm you too much – we’re here to help!

There are some questions to ask yourself when you consider converting your ordinary home into a smart home. How smart do you want your smart home to be? What’s your budget? What kind of technology do you want to integrate? Which company do you hire for the installation? All of those things are super important.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 13 smart home installers in Illinois, plus some extra information you’re going to need to aid in your decision.

13 Top Smart Home Installers in Illinois

LowVoltex Inc.

LowVoltex Inc. has been serving Chicago and the surrounding area since 2004. They specialize in low voltage systems, and their designs are top-notch. They tout over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry, and it shows. Check out some of their customer reviews. They have some of the best ratings we’ve ever seen, with lots of happy customers. They make smart home installation seem easy. 


Covering Chicago, Central Illinois, and parts of Colorado, Liaison is an industry leader. They specialize in putting their customer’s needs first, and that’s reflected in the many reviews for their services. Their ultimate goal is to automate the lives of their customers as much as possible. They want to make your home elegant, fun, easy to use, and safe. They also have a ton of certifications. With multiple teams spread from Denver, CO to Chicago, IL, they cover a vast area, offering everything from audio/video integration to full smart home automation.

Omnia Integration

A family-owned business servicing the Chicagoland area, Omnia Integration is a company well worth your attention. They joined the industry because they saw many of their own customers having terrible luck with smart home installers. They provide reliable, knowledgeable, and consistent services to all their loyal customers. According to their reviews, they are reasonably priced, easy to work with, and incredibly professional. They are also a member of the CEDIA (the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association).

E-Style Home Systems

Founded in 2007, E-Style Home Systems hit the market to provide affordable, smart technology that enhances its customers’ lives. They understand how complicated the installation of these systems can be and aim to take out all the work for the consumer. Their customers can’t stop raving about how outstanding their work is and how professional and efficient they are on the job. They service 24 cities in the Chicagoland area.

Barrett’s Technology Solutions

With offices in Lombard, Chicago, and Lake Geneva, Barrett’s Technology Solutions provides home theaters, media rooms, automation, smart technology, and more. One customer even claimed to have used them on three different homes and called them “the most professional contractor” they’ve “had the pleasure of hiring. PERIOD.” They have the ability to integrate many different systems and make the process simple and affordable.

Elite Home Theater

Don’t let the name fool you. Though Elite Home Theater is known for its fantastic home theater installations, they also provided lighting installation, surveillance cameras, full home automation, and much more. They have 20 years of experience with smart technology and home automation technology. They take pride in their ability to educate their clients by providing hands-on consulting and training, helping every customer buy the right products for their lifestyle. 

A.I. Home Solutions

Based in Chicago, A.I. Home Solutions is known for making the complicated installation of smart technology super simple. They have over 50 years of combined experience on the commercial side of technology integration, but they also serve their residential customers well. According to reviews, they are professional, informative, and their execution is flawless. They’re also fair on pricing and super easy to work with. Whether you’re looking for additional convenience or peace of mind, A.I. Home Solutions is the company to go with. 

Audio Video Specialists

Based in Elgin, Illinois, Audio Video Specialists focuses on full home automation with innovative solutions and seamless system integration. They consult with every client and ensure they receive high quality, reliable products on the cutting edge of smart home technology. They have an incredible number of 5-star reviews, customers doting on their excellent customer service and fantastic quality of work. They handle every aspect of their installations, from design to completion. Voted Best of Houzz and an active member of CEDIA (the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association), they are definitely a smart choice for smart home installation.


Since 2014, Lavish has provided custom solutions for smart technology integration, enhancing the ‘smart experience’ for its customers. They are a Control4 Authorized GOLD dealer, and their systems are compatible with over 11,000 third-party devices and applications. According to their previous customers, are they incredibly reliable and knowledgeable, with competitive pricing and highly professional service.

Acoustical Vision

Based in Forest Park, Illinois, and founded with an entrepreneurial spirit, Acoustical Vision provides business operators and homeowners with full technology integration and smart technology installation. They are a trusted Savant and Control4 dealer. They provide top-to-bottom services, from designing to programming to installing. They offer real-life experience and knowledge to consumers, who have nothing but good things to say about their services. They are affordable, timely, and provide multiple solutions in the face of challenging installations.

Wave Home Technologies Inc.

Based in Naperville, Illinois, Wave Home Technologies Inc. specialize in low voltage systems, providing decades of experience with the newest and best technology on the market. They work with homeowners and business owners alike, providing low voltage televisions, speakers, cameras, wireless networks, wiring, speakers, lighting systems, and more! Their clients have called their work “perfect” and say they have “fantastic attention to detail.” Working with them is smooth, and they’re definitely a company you can count on.

Home Theatre Designs

With over 30 years of professional experience, Home Theatre Designs is another company on this list that has been at the forefront of emerging technologies for over 3 decades. They started in the mid-80s and are still going strong today. Of course, back then, they were focused on installing the wiring in new homes. Now, they offer full smart home automation, video surveillance, audio/video, and more! They’re an excellent company to work with and provide excellent customer service.


Founded in 2010, Avidia has been a Chicagoland leader in the home technology sector, offering a range of integrated technology to all of its customers. Their services range from audio/video, home theaters, security services to full home automation services. They customize their customers’ experiences, depending on their individual needs. Their customers praise them for their service, saying their work is very professional, and their team members are clear, confident, and knowledgeable. In short, they know what they’re doing and would be a great choice for your smart home installation needs.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Smart Home Installer

When you’re looking for the right smart home installer for your home, there are a few things you need to research. Looking into these areas will help you narrow down your list and ultimately help you choose which installer to go with.

Let’s talk about the six distinguishing factors you should use to choose your installer.


This is always the first thing to look at. Past customers will always tell you what to look out for and who to trust. This is the best way to know whether a company is worth consulting. Check Google, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Facebook – anywhere you can find feedback from real customers. And don’t just read the positive reviews. Read the negative reviews as well and let the experience of previous customers help you choose the right installer. 


There are several certifications to look for when searching for your smart home installer. They include:

  • CAST (Certified Alarm Security Technician) 
  • STSma (Master Smart Technology Systems)
  • STS (Smart Technology Systems) 
  • ESNT (Electronic Security Networking Technician

Do your research and know that the company you’re working with is competent and certified to use the technology they’re offering.


Experience is always essential. Look at reviews and each company’s portfolio. You don’t want to be the trial run for a company their first time using technology (unless, of course, your trust the company and know that they know what they’re doing). Knowing what a company is known for and what they have experience installing is a great way to see if they’re the right company for you. If the company you’re hiring mostly does home theaters but minimal lighting systems, then that may help you decide.


Pricing is a no-brainer. If a company’s services are too expensive for you, you should choose a more affordable company. Like so many things, you get what you pay for, but also, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to pay for your home automation.


Ask your prospective installers about the warranties they offer. This is important because technology is known to malfunction. When it does, you want to know that you can get your devices replaced without a hassle.


This is an important one. Compatibility is important because not all devices work with every software. If you already have a house full of smart technology just waiting to be linked up, ask your prospective installer if their system or software will work with your tech. Otherwise, you’re wasting money on buying new devices because your old stuff just won’t work. Do your research and make an informed decision.

Adding Solar to Your Smart Home in Illinois

Smart homes are incredibly energy efficient, using 30% less power than your traditional home, saving people lots of money, and decreasing their drain on the grid. So, after you’ve picked your smart home installer and are finally hooked up, you might consider installing solar panel to your Naperville home to top it all off.

Moving into the energy-efficient arena with solar panels and a solar battery won’t just help the environment. It’ll also help your wallet. There are plenty of tax and financial incentives in Illinois for solar energy that’ll save you a chunk of change, plus solar energy already saves you money on your electric bill because you get most of your energy from the sun.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best-of-the-best smart home installers in Illinois, you’ve come to the right place. Our 13 top installers are worth their weight in gold. They will undoubtedly give you the smart home automation and technology integration you’re looking for, with excellent customer service and reliable experience you can count on.

When you’re deciding which company to use, remember our tips, and pick wisely based on your needs. While you’re at it, start thinking about adding solar panel to your Chicago home to really improve your energy efficiency. Smart home technology and solar technology go hand-in-hand. Convenience and energy consciousness are the future.

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